*Old Business:*

2014 membership dues should be sent to Susan if you did not bring them to the meeting, or will not attend the November 18 meeting:

send $20 check made out to CCA to:

2188 Lowell Point Road
Camano Island, WA 98282

Holiday Party will be 12/9/13 at Comador Stewart's home, 6 - 9 PM.  We will have more details at the next meeting on 11/18/13 (at the SVC Ceramics Lab).  Traditionally we have a pottery gift exchange (value $10 - $20) and potluck.

Allied Arts show – July 1 delivery, July 28/29 pickup.  $15.00 participation fee. July 4 opening reception. Irene Lawson agreed to coordinate with Allied Arts on organization.  Three pieces,
Glaze Group cancelled Friday, 11/22/13, Conflicts with holiday / attendance.

Gwen sent around a member presentation / program sign-up sheet.  Please consider signing up - just send Gwen an email if you have a program possibility, and which month(s) you might want to do it.

New Business*

The CCA board proposed to the membership that we move our 2014 monthly meetings back to the 4th Monday of the month, to avoid conflicts with several holiday Mondays. We will still have some holiday conflict, but less if moved. The attending membership agreed to the proposal. The 2014 meeting schedule will be posted on the CCA Web site.

A $1000 check will be written to SVC for the scholarship fund. Thank you to everyone for donating items for the fundraising efforts this year, and especially to those who spent time organizing and actually setting up the sales. Great effort and result!

The Pitelka workshop is tentatively scheduled for July 25 – 27, 2014. Likely location the Anacortes High ceramics lab. June is working out the details. Workshop will be “surface design”.

Tentative date for a workshop with Comador Stewart is February 21 – 23, 2014. Up to 12 spots available. We're working out details for reserving space, and the participation fee will depend on the room cost. Participants will provide their own clay, and be responsible for cleanup. Workshop will cover throwing and construction of functional ware and glaze overview. Details to follow.

Mt. Vernon is open to the idea of having an outdoor show during the revetement opening. Eddie will be working with Mt. Vernon on more details.

Persis Gayle demo of drum construction, including stretching the skin and throwing the clay portions of the drum itself. Really fascinating, and so inspiring. Persis has a lot of knowledge about the entire process, and she is happy to help you if you decide to give it a try. Thanks so much for a great program!!!