Treasurer Report:

Additional deposits since May meeting were for the Tony Flynn workshop – now to be refunded since the workshop has been cancelled (update as of July 29, 2013).

Old Business:

Summer meeting schedule reviewed. July meeting canceled as of 7/18/13. Because Pitelka workshop was canceled, and Anacortes High School not available as meeting location and inability to reserve SVC meeting location, the July meeting had to be cnaceled.


Pitelka - need a minimum of 10 participants. Deadline for CCA member at the discount price extended to 7/1/13. Five had signed up but none had paid their fees. Dinah intends to advertise with WCA, Clay Arts listserve, Pottery NW. Update as of 7/29/13 – workshop canceled due to lack of committed attendees.

Flynn – scheduled 8/23 – 8/25, $150. Workshop location – Anacortes High School. Non-member fee $175. Basic thorwing skills required. (Update – cancelled workshop as of 7/29/13 due to illness / recovery time for Peter Flynn).

SVC Scholarship fundraiser 6/15/13 at Handz in Clay – generated $208 cash + $19 in checks. Not all pieces sold. Pat Ball will work to get a shipwreck days booth (Anacortes) to sell the left over pieces. (Update 7/22/13 – Pat Ball reported Sales for the art scholarship fund exceeded $800. Small items, odds and ends donated to Soroptimists of Anacortes.  The few nicer items we boxed up for ? (undecided). Thanks to Gwen Shay, Erica Herrmann and Mary Mobley for their help and support.)

BURN party – we need more people to volunteer to help move kilns and set up / break down the event. Please come to the next meeting, or send an email to volunteer – you can send to Kathy H. and it will get to the right person.

Bring up to 3 pots to Raku fire. Donation of $2 per pot will be requested in otder to fund a stipend to each kiln owner of $50 to offset damage / wear & tear on kilns for moving them to the burn party.

New Business:

Welcome to guests and new members!

Committee Reports:

Glaze group: Next meeting to be scheduled in the fall after summer busy season settles.

We need a publicity committee to help get announcements out to the general public for our shows and events. Please consider volunteering!

Member Announcements:

Multiple members announced upcoming events. “Member Events” page added to the CCA Website. Members to send announcement information by email ready to publish with:

Event, participating member full name, dates, description, Web Links to event.

Two week advance notice required to get the event on the Web site. Send the information to: ceramicvisions@nwfirst.com.


Susan Cohen-Thompson demonstrated her use of “safety cut” press molds for tile designs.

Safety-cut materials can be found at Tri-Dee, Daniel Smith, Dick Blick Art Supply, to name a few.

Thank you Susan for a fabulous demo and giving us new ideas for our work!

Next Meeting: 7/22/13, 7PM – Anacortes High School (canceled as of 7/18/13)

Following meeting 8/17/13 – Samish Island potluck at Kathy Huckleberry's home. 2 – 6 PM.

10883 Samish Island Rd., Bow, WA 98232. Details in separate email.

See the CCA Web site for updates on meeting dates / times and postings: www.cascadeclayartists.com