Minutes from the February meeting were approved.

Treasurer Report:

no report this month

Old Business:

The vote for the CCA logo was discussed. Members have until the 4/12/13 to vote fort a design, published on the CCA Website. Vote by logo number, one vote per CCA member. Votes will be tallied in time for the 4/15/13 meeting. Www.cascadeclayartists.com

Allied Arts Show: the opening was a great success. Well attended and the show looks great. Pick up was thought to be 3/25 & 3/26, but because our postcards advertised the show is open until end of March, Allied Arts is keeping it open longer. Pickup is now 4/1/13 & 4/2/13. (Note: subsequent email was sent to membership about this date change – check your in box for details!)

“Empty Bowls” fundraiser – Ann DeCollibus – you can leave your bowl donations at Allied Arts and she will pick them up (4/1/13 or 4/2/13).

Next Glaze group meeting on 3/21/13 – email sent with details.

New Business:

Welcome to guests and new members!

CCA Scholarship – fundraiser discussed for 6/15/13 “empty bowls and artist garage sale” at Handz in Clay. Approved, along with a $100 stipend to Handz in Clay to cover expenses. 100% of the sale proceeds will go to the CCA scholarship. This will coincide with the “Berry Days” festival in Burlington, so foot traffic should be good. The September ice cream social was discussed, but no details at this time.

Arts Alive! - LaConner November show would accept CCA, but CCA must find a venue for the group and cover expenses. If members have a contact or idea on where we could hold a show the first full weekend in November, please submit to the CCA Board, otherwise, we are not likely to participate in this event.

Need another volunteer for the April meeting critique! Please contact Kathy H. Sara Swietzer will be one of the presenters.

BURN party – we need more people to volunteer to help move kilns and sset up / break down the event. Please come to the next meeting, or send an email to volunteer – you can send to Kathy H. and it will get to the right person.

Committee Reports:

Glaze group: Next meeting will be Thursday, MARCH 21 6:00.

We need a publicity committee to help get announcements out to the general public for our shows and events. Please consider volunteering!

Meeting Programs:

April: Open discussion

May: Dinah – glaze group

June: Susan C-T – making pins

July: Meet at Anacortes to see the results of the Pitelka worshop

August: Kathy H. - summer potluck on Samish Island – date to be announced

September 7: BURN Party – need volunteers to help organize – Roger, Dale and Rose cannot do this alone!. We also need to get more kilns – anyone who can help?

October: Annual Meeting with new officers. Please consider volunteering for a BOARD position! Comador will also do a presentation – topic TBA.

November: TBD – need a volunteer!

December: Holiday Party at Handz in Clay


Schack Arts Center in Everett, WA. - under discussion, no update yet.

Workshops: Possibility of a Flynn workshop 8/23, 8/24, & 8/25. Sign up with June Haddox if you want to be included – attendance is limited. Will be approximately $150. The possibility of a 4th day is being discussed. The topic is “altering thrown forms, spounts, handles and lids”.

June and the committee have been working on a checklist for workshop coordinators to use when setting up a workshop. It will be published on the CCA Web site when ready.

The Pitelka workshop is a “go” for 7/20 – 7/22.

Possible workshop locations so far are:

Anacortes High School


Handz in Clay

Do you have other ideas / options that might work for 12 – 20 people?

Member Announcements:

Multiple members announced upcoming events. “Member Events” page added to the CCA Website. Members to send announcement information by email ready to publish with:

Event, participating member full name, dates, description, Web Links to event.

Two week advance notice required to get the event on the Web site. Send the information to: ceramicvisions@nwfirst.com.


Yonnah Ben Levy presented a selection of her work, and it was very informative, interesting, and entertaining indeed! Thank you!

Phoenix presented the “all in one” thrown jar. Phoenix has fabulous techique – and it was a demo that many CCA members will try out on their own wheels! Thank you Phoenix!

Next Meeting: 4/15/13, 7PM – SVC ceramics lab.

See the CCA Web site for updates on meeting dates / times and postings: www.cascadeclayartists.com