Minutes from the January meeting were approved.

Treasurer Report:

CCA has approximately $5850 in the bank.

Expenses for the Allied Arts show have been about $200, incoming from the show entry fees about $350. Susan will give a final report in March.

Old business:

The selection of a CCA logo was discussed. Members have until the March meeting to submit a design. , at which time the official CCA design will be selected by member vote. Members can submit their design in digital format until 3/18/13 to:

ceramivisions@nwfirst.com. The designs will then be put on the Web, numbered, and members can vote via email for their favorite design. The final selection will be made at the April meeting.

New Business:

Welcome to guests and new members!

Allied Arts show – details of participation have been sent to the members.

Arts Alive! - LaConner November show would accept CCA, but CCA must find a venue for the group and cover expenses. If members have a contact or idea on where we could hold a show the first full weekend in November, please submit to the CCA Board.

Multiple Co-op opportunities are now available to members – emails with details have been sent to the membership. Greg Tate will send out information about Mt. Vernon store front opportunities.

Anne Marie brought up the July “Public Hanging” at the Whatcom Museum. Go to the Whatcom Museum Web site for more information. The theme is “Climate Change”. You must be a member to show.

Need volunteers for the March meeting critique! Please contact Kathy H.

Committee Reports:

Glaze group: Next meeting will be Thursday, MARCH 21 6:30.


  • Schack Arts Center in Everett, WA. - under discussion, no update yet.

  • Jansen Arts Center – spring show details have been sent out to CCA members – not sponsored by CCA.

Workshops: Possibility of a Flynn workshop in June – workshop committee exploring.

Member Announcements:

Multiple members announced upcoming events. “Member Events” page added to the CCA Website. Members to send announcement information by email ready to publish with:

Event, participating member full name, dates, description, Web Links to event.

Two week advance notice required to get the event on the Web site. Send the information to: ceramicvisions@nwfirst.com.


Greg Tate presented the first member critique of his work. Judy Johnson brought examples of ceramics she has collected from around the world.

Thank you Greg and Judy for giving us an interesting program!

Next Meeting: 3/18/13, 7PM – SVC ceramics lab.

See the CCA Web site for updates on meeting dates / times and postings: www.cascadeclayartists.com