2012_11 Minutes

Minutes from the 11/05/12 meeting were approved. (Gwen motion, Judy J. second).

Treasurer Report:

CCA has $5942.16, $1720 of which is for the upcoming Tip Toland workshop in January, 2013. Dues were collected from membership, $20 per member – total of approximately 60 members now paid by end of this meeting for 2012 / 2013.

Old business:

Donation to Steve Moon was made by June Haddox ($200) - $100 from separate donations, $100 from CCA treasury. A thank you note from Steve was read to the group.

Committee Reports:

Glaze group: Next meeting will be Friday, 11/30/12, 6:30 PM at 403 So. 7th. Potluck. KH will put information about the glaze group on the CCA Website.

Program Committee is looking for assistance. Gwen has taken on the program committee chair position, and needs additional help. Pat Ball and Sara Swietzer volunteered to be on the committee.


  • Schack Arts Center in Everett, WA. - under discussion, no update yet.

  • Jansen Arts Center – no commitment from the center for a show – continue discussions. CCA members are encouraged to visit the center in the mean time.

  • Eddie at RiverClay Gallery (513 S. 1st St.) in Mt. Vernon: host “The Cup that Cheers”. No entry fee, each member can show 3 cups, top value $45 each, commission 60 / 40 split with 10% of the full price going to the SAA scholarship fund. Opening 11/23/12, Deliver pieces to Dinah by 11/21/12 to 403 So. 7th, MV. Include artist name, inventory #, price for each item.. Show runs through 1/5/2013.

  • Kathy H. will explore the possibility of a future Arts, Alive! La Conner show with the selection committee.

  • Allied Arts, Bellingham WA – CCA is approved for a show in March 2013. Members voted to have the theme be: “Go, Figure!”, as a nod toward the Tip Toland workshop. Carol Tolchin will design poster/postcard. Members need to get images to Carol by 1/10/13 for consideration to be selected for advertising the show. Notes from Irene regarding the show:

  • We have a show for the month of March 2013 at the Allied Arts of Whatcom County Gallery, 1418 Cornwall Avenue, Bellingham

  • All work needs to be new to the Allied Arts Gallery, could have been shown elsewhere, but not at Allied Arts

  • Exhibit dates are Friday, March 1 to Saturday, March 30th

  • Delivery to the gallery is: Tuesday, February 26th from 11am to 5pm

  • Allied Arts Staff will hang the show

  • Exhibit opening will be Friday, March 1 from 6PM to 9PM

  • We will provide snacks for the opening as usual

  • Pickup will be Monday and Tuesday, April 1st and 2nd from 11am to 5pm

  • 40% commission to the gallery, artwork is insured by the gallery while in their possession

  • All members of CCA are encouraged (but not required) to join Allied Arts of Whatcom County, CCA will have to join this year if we want to have this show ($65 – approved by membership vote). One of the member benefits is an open member show in January that any individual member can participate in. (If you want to be in that show you must have your own membership)

  • http://www.alliedarts.org/content/membership/membership.asp

  • Allied Arts staff will do press releases for us

  • We need to discuss a postcard mailing, last year we paid for a small amount of cards for the show. Allied Arts no longer mails out cards

  • Scholarship silent auction? - To be decided in January or February meeting – Irene will find out answers to questions that came up regarding this:

1. Would they agree that all proceeds (100% of sales price) should go
to the college fund?
2. If they want a commission, would it be reduced?
3. Would they handle the sales as part of their normal processing?
Credit card fees, sales tax, etc.?

Workshops: no discussion this meeting – reference notes from 10/1/12 for upcoming workshops.

Member Announcements:

Multiple members announced upcoming events. “Member Events” page added to the CCA Website. Members to send announcement information by email ready to publish with:

Event, participating member full name, dates, description, Web Links to event.

Two week advance notice required to get the event on the Web site. Send the information to: ceramicvisions@nwfirst.com.

Next Meeting: 12/8/12, 6 PM – potluck at Handz in Clay – 525 E. Fairhaven, Burlington.

Optional gift exchange – related to clay / ceramics, could be a tool, book, finished piece, etc.

January Meeting: 1/21/13, 7 PM at SVC. Greg Tate will present several pieces for a member critique of his work, and introduce the process of member critiques to us for future meetings / presenters. Program: review of Tip Toland workshop.

11/5/12 Program:

Thank you to Carole Tolchin for doing a demo on "Altering Thrown and Hand Built Pieces". Her technique produces exquisite “egg” shaped pieces with intricate, finely finished openwork design. It was a pleasure seeing Carole's work and hearing about her process.

Submitted by Kathy Huckleberry, CCA Secretary