2012_10 Minutes

Treasurer Report:

CCA has approximately $4200, $600 of which is for the upcoming Tip Toland workshop in January, 2013. Dues were collected from membership, $20 per. Deposit ($50) and / or final payments ($100) for Tip Toland workshop also collected from those planning to attend. Irene mentioned that no income other than dues were collected in 2012, approximately $1300. CCA should think about new sources of income since the Depot may not be a future show venue.

Committee Reports:

Glaze group: Dinah described attendance as good at 12 attendees. A new Web group has been established for glaze discussions. Next meeting will be Friday, 11/30/12, 6:30 PM at 403 So. 7th. Potluck. KH will put information about the glaze group on the CCA Website.

Program Committee is looking for assistance. June is working on upcoming programs.


  • Dinah discussing potential for a CCA show at the Schack Arts Center in Everett, WA. Exploring with the director, Carie Collver, to understand the process for requesting a show. Updates to follow.

  • Dinah discussing potential for a CCA show at the Lynden Arts Center discussions with Shelly Stark on 10/11/12. Hoping to coordinate with the Canadian ceramics events in March, 2013.

  • Eddie at RiverClay Gallery (513 S. 1st St.) in Mt. Vernon will host a show “The Cup that Cheers”. No entry fee, each member can show 3 cups, top value $45 each, commission 60 / 40 split with 10% of the full price going to the SAA scholarship fund. Opening 11/23/12, Deliver pieces to Dinah between noon and 3pm 11/18/12 to 403 So. 7th, MV. Include artist name, inventory #, price for each item..

  • Allied Arts, Bellingham WA – application for a show submitted by Irene Lawson. She hopes to hear back in October – date TBD.

  • Bellingham has an open call to artists for their sculpture garden.


  • Makiko discussed the Tip Toland workshop and handed out a list of supplies to bring, discussed the workshop format, and preparation requirements. The workshop supply list will be posting on the CCA workshop.

  • Vince Pitelka workshop planned for July 19 – 21,2013.

  • Vince will also be giving a 5-day workshop July 13 – 17 (dates to be firmed up, but in that time frame) at the Jansen Center in Linden. Details TBA.

  • Peter Flynn workshop may be offered next summer.

CCA Membership Meeting Schedule

Discussion on the schedule for meetings for the remainder of 2012 and 2013. Proposed that the November 2012 meeting be the first Monday (11/5/12), holiday party on 12/8/12, and then 2013 meetings be on the 3rd Monday of each month. Motion passed. Meeting schedule to be posted on the CCA Web site.

Member Announcements:

Multiple members announced upcoming events. Kathy H. offered to publish a “Member Events” page on the CCA Website. Members to send announcement information to her email ready to publish with Event, participating member full name, dates, description, Web Links to event. Two week advance notice required to get the event on the Web site. Send the information to: ceramicvisions@nwfirst.com.

General discussion:

Susan proposed giving $100 from CCA Treasury to Steve Moon, Portland Or tile artists – member of Artists in Tile NW – who lost his studio in a fire. Discussion about giving option of collection or gift from treasury. Motion raised by Roger, seconded by Jennifer to start a collection – did not carry. Motion raised by Yohnna to take $100 from the treasury, seconded by June – motion carried.


Thank you to Margo for bringing so many interesting materials and brush making experience to the meeting to share with us all. It was a fabulous project and very eye-opening with all the possibilities that came to light for making our own brushes! What a wonderful gift to us from Margo.

Submitted by Kathy Huckleberry, CCA Secretary