2012_09 Minutes

What a beautiful day for a Raku Party on the Camano Island Beach - September 8, 2012.

Hats off to Roger and Dale for bringing their kilns, not an easy task and monitoring and pulling all the firings.  They had the first load loaded up just after 10 am and fired all day till the last loads of foil saggar around 3:30.  We finished up right on schedule and unwrapped the foil around 5 pm.  There were some beautiful pieces produced with only a few casualties.  There were even some pieces sold on the spot.  This event is the CCA highlight of the year and we are indebted to Roger, Dale and Rose for putting this together again.  Beautiful weather, great company, yummy pot luck.  The kiln gods were pleased and they blessed our offerings.

Greg was absent so Yonnah called a brief meeting to order for the main item of business:  Election of New Officers.  Karen presented the slate of nominees:  Dinah Steveni, President; Chaim Benzalel, VP; Kathy Huckleberry, Secretary; and Susan Cohen Thompson, Treasurer.   Before the vote, Yonnah asked that the regular meeting date be changed to the 3rd Monday of each month unless otherwise noted to accommodate Chaim's schedule.  This change was accepted by the new officers and the membership. The vote was then called and the nominees were enthusiastically accepted.

Acceptance speeches followed: 

Dinah thanked us for our trust and said she had great plans in mind.  Something about a flash mob proposal?

Chaim said he only knew Dinah for one day and had implicit trust in her ability to lead the group.

Kathy also thanked us for support and promised to keep the CCA website updated.

Susan reminded us that the new CCA year starts October 1 and the annual dues of $20 are due at that time.

Dinah took the stage again to thank the outgoing officers for a job well done and to encourage us to submit images to Kathy for the website if we have not already done so and told us to call her if we need help. I need a lot of help but I think she was just talking about getting our images out there.  I had really hoped she meant she would wash my windows!

Yonnah said CCA was the best most organized art group she belongs to and will never leave.

Next month the meeting will be a different time and date.  October 1 at 6 pm.  We want to get an early start so we can spend a few hours in a mini workshop on hand-making our own brushes. 

Well folks, its been fun.  I have really enjoyed this group.  Potters are the best!

Your Loyal Scribe, signing off....


did I just say singing off?  I get them confused.