2012_07 Minutes

CCA Pot Luck and Meeting, July 23

Greg and Twila Tate’s home in Mt. Vernon

Many thanks to Greg and Twila for hosting the pot luck again this year and serving their now famous pork mole with rice and tortillas. And thanks to all who brought such a fine selection of foods. Yummm….

Irene Lawson introduced Shelly Stark from the new Jansen Art Center in Lynden. Check out their website Jansenartcenter.org to find out more about the center and the programs in ceramics, fiber arts, jewelry, painting, dance, etc. Several CCA members are currently volunteering. Shelly is looking for teachers to offer classes in the fall. Join them in their grand opening on Aug. 4, studios open at 11:00 am, dedication at 5:00 pm and celebration from 6-8 pm. Contact Starkshelly@gmail.com, 360-303-3168.

Vince Pitelka will offer a workshop on Slab Built Tableware at the Jensen Art Center, July 15-19, 2013. It is possible for CCA to bring him here on Sat. – Monday July 20-22, 2013. The subject has not been determined yet, but there is a possibility of him doing surface decoration. The cost would be in the $135-150 + supplies range for a 3 day workshop. Greg asked for a show of hands of people interested, Carole Tolchin made a motion to confirm these dates with him, it was seconded and passed. Candice offered the Anacortes High School again and Shelly offered the Jansen Art Center since he will be there already.

Carole T. suggested CCA put together a package of information, possibly including a video, to present to SVC administration to promote the benefits to SVC of offering workshops with nationally known artists at SVC. Currently CCA would be charged an hourly fee to use the ceramic studio for such workshops. Greg will speak to the administration about these fees.

Chris Theiss managed to slip away just as Greg was to congratulate him on having an article in an upcoming issue of Ceramics Monthly. Chris is also featured in a show called Shelter at Anchor Arts Center in Anacortes from Aug. 3 to Sept. 16.

Anacortes Art Festival, Aug. 3-5 will feature an Experience Art area. Chris Theiss will create a cardboard structure that will be big enough to act as a shelter Twila Tate will have two 50 x 38” prints as part of the steamroller block printing project. We got a sneak preview of Twila’s work on Monday. Congratulations to all!

June Haddox suggested more people get their work included on our website Cascadeclayartists.com, managed by Kathy Huckleberry. We need more members to participate. Keep the content new. Kathy will post guidelines on image sizing, (keep it small) on the website. Content must be ready to publish.

Allied Arts in Bellingham has a Sept deadline for exhibits for 2013. The group voted Yes to showing there again some time next year. CCA will be juried as a group. Irene Lawson needs images of art work by our next meeting Aug. 27th. Images need to be new, not from last year’s show. Irene will select 5-6 to present to Allied Arts. You do not need to have your image selected to participate in the show.

Storage locker at Ace Hardware storage in Mt. Vernon: We need to get our pedestals out ASAP. Greg suggested people come at 10:00 am Wed. and/or Thurs. to collect and store them if you are interested. Candice is willing to take several to Anacortes High School. Contact Greg for more info.

Dinah Steveni invited anyone to the first meeting of the cone 6 glaze group Sept. 21, 6:30 pm for a pot luck at Dinah’s home, 403 So. 7th St., Mt. Vernon. They will set an agenda and will meet once a month to discuss making cone 6 glazes. Contact Dinah at jd.steveni@comcast.net.

The Peter Flynn throwing workshop scheduled for July 27-29 at the Anacortes High School. The workshop is full. Lynn Guiliani thanked all who helped setting this up and to Pat Ball for offering housing.

Karen Jackson is heading up the nominating committee. They have been working hard to offer you a fabulous line up of officers for 2012-14. Officer Elections are coming up on September 8 at the Burn Party on Camano Island.

Phoenix Rising is having a Grand Opening of Handz in Clay on Sept. 7 at 525 E. Fairhaven in Burlington. Ribbon cutting at 4:00 pm.

August 27: Cleaning out your studio? What about the stuff you bought last year at the Allied Arts Reuse Thrift Shop? Have you used it yet or is it taking up valuable shelf space? Art books or magazines piling up? We are having a Swap Meet! Bring stuff to sell, trade, give away! If it’s too big (wheels, kilns, slab rollers, etc) bring pictures. It can be any art supply not just pottery. If you are selling items make sure they are priced and you have change. Maybe bring some snacks and soft drinks too.

September 8: Beach Burn Party, Pot Luck and Officer elections on the beach on Camano Island, sponsored by Dale LeMaster, Rose Moore, and Roger Cocke. Details to follow.

Respectfully submitted, Gwen Shay, Loyal Scribe