CCA Meeting June 25, 2012 Skagit Valley College

V.P. Yonnah Ben Levy called the meeting to order. President Greg Tate was absent.

First item of business was brought up by Treasurer, Irene Lawson. We have been paying a $50/mo fee to store our pedestals at a storage locker. This adds up to $600 a year. . A motion was made to store the pedestals elsewhere and stop paying the monthly fee. It was seconded and all were in favor. Several people volunteered as well as Candice Vitale who will take several to Anacortes High School.

Jennifer Yates announced an opening for a full time ceramics instructor at Oak Harbor High School. Please contact Jennifer for more information.

Dinah Steveni asked if there was interest in starting a glaze focus group that would meet once a month. Since the meeting a group has been set up to discuss for the most part cone 6 glazes, meet at various studios, make and test and report on glazes on various bodies, firing schedules and related issues. The first meeting is set for Sept. 21 6:30 pm for a pot luck at Dinah’s home, 403 So. 7th St., Mt. Vernon. This group is open to anyone interested so please contact Dinah at jd.steveni@comcast.net.

Future workshops:

June Haddox passed around photos of Carol Gouthro’s work. It is possible we may be able to get Carol for a future workshop if there is sufficient interest.

Lynn Giuliani gave a very enthusiastic talk about the Peter Flynn throwing workshop scheduled for July 27-29 at the Anacortes High School. There are still a few openings left. This is a hands-on throwing workshop and each participant needs to have access to a wheel. Since there is a shortage of wheels available some participants will bring their own wheel. The cost of the 3 day workshop is $160. Please refer to the e-mail dated 5/28 for pictures and info on Peter or contact Lynn at progressions@hotmail.com. Payment needs to made payable to CCA ASAP.

Roger Cocke has a Pacificia wheel with a Giffin Grip for sale for $150. Gwen made a motion to have CCA purchase the wheel and give it to the Anacortes High School since they are waiving the usual facility fee. Motion was seconded and passed unanimously. Roger will deliver the wheel to the high school.

Makiko Ichiura passed a sheet around for the Tip Toland workshop January 18-20, 2013. Seventeen people are signed up. Only have 3 spots are left!! In order to GUARANTEE your spot for the workshop, please send your deposit check ($50), made out to CCA, to Makiko Ichiura, 806 Able Lane, Sedro Woolley, WA 98284. The balance ($100) is due by October 31, 2012. Tip would show building an armature through a cold finish on a previously bisqued mask that participants will bring to the class.

New Business: Officer Elections are coming up in September. The two year terms for President, VP, secretary and treasurer end in October. Karen Jackson, Judith Helen Johnson and Irene Lawson are the nominating committee. If you have any interest in being an officer please contact Karen at kjackson2000@comcast.net. Or look forward to them calling you.


There is still interest in doing a show or a Day of Clay at the Schack in the future. Jansen Art Center in Lynden, Smith Valley Gallery in Bow Edison, a gallery in Moses Lake, River Clay Studio in Mt. Vernon, Allied Arts in Bellingham are places suggested for possible exhibits in 2013-14.

Upcoming meetings/events:

Pot Luck at Greg and Twila’s 825 S. 12th St., Mt. Vernon July 23. Greg was not at the meeting but did offer his home at the Board meeting on June 27. He even hinted at a repeat of his now famous pork mole. Irene will also bring her pots from her trip to Italy and may do a slide show in Greg’s studio as well.

August 27: Cleaning out your studio? Got stuff you no longer need or use? Books or magazines piling up? We are having a Swap Meet! Bring stuff to sell, trade, give away! Bring whatever you have plus the loose change you find in the sofa. If it’s too big (wheels, kilns, slab rollers, etc) bring pictures. Maybe some snacks and soft drinks too.

September 8: Beach Burn Party, Pot Luck and Officer elections on the beach on Camano Island, sponsored by Dale LeMaster, Rose Moore, and Roger Cocke. Details to follow.

October 22: Hand Made Brushes lead by Margo Grothe. We will start at 6:00 pm, have a short meeting, and spend 2 hrs making a brush. I understand Margo has a deer skin hanging around.

November 26: Carol Tolchin Altering thrown and hand built pottery

December 8: Pot Luck Christmas Party and gift exchange, Handz in Clay, 525 E. Fairhaven Ave, Burlington.

Looks like an exciting line-up! See you at Greg’s in July. Happy 4th!

Respectfully submitted, Gwen Shay, Loyal Scribe