CCA Meeting  April 23, 2012 Skagit Valley College

This was a meeting with lots of NCECA talk!

Future workshops:

Makiko Ichiura had the opportunity to speak quietly to Tip Toland, one of the feature demonstrators at NCECA. Tip is in the Seattle area and is now scheduling workshops for 2013.  She is willing to come to CCA to do a 3 day workshop in Sept. or Oct.  Tip would show building an armature through a cold finish on the sculpture. Her fee is $1500 + hotel expenses.   After seeing her demonstrating the group seemed excited about having her come.

Irene Lawson suggested Carol Gouthro as another possible workshop presenter.  Lynn Giuliani e-mailed with the name of Peter Flynn, a throwing instructor from Arizona.

June Haddox is chair of the workshop committee.  They will be meeting soon to discuss these and other possible names for workshops.  More information soon.

NCECA feedback.  The demonstrations by Tip Toland, Christa Assad, Jason Walker and Walter Keeler were by far the most popular attractions, followed by the galleries at the Design Center.  Words like “amazing, overwhelming, blown away” were common.  The K-12 exhibit was not to be missed.  Yonnah said it was exciting to see all of Seattle involved in something she loves. Cup exchange was great. Here were workshops and gallery exhibits all over the place. The range of work displayed at various exhibitions was phenomenal! Greg was pleased to see 2 of his students plus his old mentor receiving recognition. 

Irene entered a beer stein contest and won first place at Northwest Pottery.

Marguerite was thanked again for the fantastic Day of Clay at the Schack. CCA has been asked to do it again in the future and Marguerite expressed willingness in leading a team to put it together.

Irene Lawson reported $783 in sales at Allied Arts.  We do not have a sales report from the Schack at this time.

Financial Report:  Irene reported a balance of $4271.88 in the CCA account.  Costs for the Schack show were $380, Allied Arts cost were $129.  One of the two recipients of the NCECA scholarship did not attend and we were not able to get a refund.  There was some discussion about how to handle such a situation if we did it again.

New Business and announcements

Gabrielle Conatore spoke about the Burlington Arts Council working through the Burlington Planning Council.  She feels Burlington is beginning to open up for the arts.

Our newly appointed committee-of-one social director, Jennifer Yates, announced that in place of a regular meeting in May we have a mixer at H2O in Anacortes on Thursday May 17 at 7:00 pm.  H2O is a new restaurant/club at 314 Commercial Ave. just past Rockfish on the corner of 4th. They claim to have the largest and best selection of craft brewed micro beer in the country including the Anacortes Brewery right next door. This should be a fun way to get to know each better.

Oregon Potters Assoc. annual conference in Portland May 4-6.

June CCA meeting:  What treasurers did you BUY at NCECA?  Let’s do a Show & Tell!  Bring those items to the June meeting.  Maybe we could have a few snacks too and have a more sociable meeting.

Program:  After many months of delay, Greg Tate finally was able to do a demo of throwing a square box.  After throwing a tall cylinder, Greg paddled and scraped the form into a square.  He had brought several examples of finished pieces, some with lids.  It was great to see how it starts out and how the piece looks further down the road to completion.  Thanks Greg.

Respectfully submitted, Gwen Shay, Loyal Scribe