2012_03 Minutes

CCA Meeting  March 26, 2012 Skagit Valley College

This was an evening of high praise, gratitude and thanks all around.  Marguerite walked in to a standing ovation for the incredible job she did on the Schack exhibit and Day of Clay.  She in turn thanked each of the presenters and helpers, Roger Cocke in particular for the all day Raku workshop.  Roger thanked all who helped him and contributed.  Over 700 people attended the Day of Clay and the Raku raised $1005!

President Greg Tate expressed pride in Marguerite for her vision, planning and follow through at all stages. And her ability to trouble shoot, and deal with problems or changes as they came up and all the while appearing gracious and unflappable. Marguerite mentioned what a pleasure it was to work with the staff at the Schack who handled the oganization, publicity, marketing and promotion. The Schack staff is already asking when we will do it again!

Yonnah said it was like a mini NCECA.  Each of the presenters was well prepared and professional while sharing their joy and enthusiasm of working in clay.  It appeared that everyone was actually having FUN!

Irene Lawson was also given high praise for putting together the beautiful show at Allied Arts with the 2nd opening only the day before the meeting.  The show was well attended and received.

Marguerite asked for observations or suggestions on how to improve if we do such a thing again.

. Yonnah liked having someone throwing or working in the front window which really brought people in. .  . Maria suggested thinking of tracks when scheduling so people could move through the day following areas of interests.

. A microphone might be useful in some rooms.

. More fired samples of the raku glazes available.

 New Business and announcements

There was a general conversation about getting funding for projects such as the Schack show.  Kathy mentioned writing 6 proposals for SAT and receiving 3 of them.  Funds are available from hotel tax grants known as “bed and head” funding.  It was suggested that we need to develop an event that would “educate the public community” first then seek funding. Another idea was to look at local businesses, banks in particular, for funding.  Kathy, Yonnah, Greg and Jennifer volunteered to pursue the idea further.

Jennifer expressed interest in having a mixer now and then so we can socialize more and do the “pot talk” thing.  It’s difficult to get to know each other at the meetings.  This idea met with much enthusiasm. 

Phoenix Rising announced she has space for 15-25 pieces to show in her studio Handz-in-Clay at 525 E. Fairhaven in Burlington for the April 1 Burlington Art Walk. Phoenix will send additional info or you can contact her at phoenix@handzinclay.com.

Kathy Huckleberry announced the Art in a Pickle Barn show the month of April at Azuza Farms on Highway 20, opening March 31 6-8 pm.  Please see Kathy’s e-mail of  3/26 subject Pickle Barn for details and additional info on Skagit Art Assoc and Skagit Artists Together membership.

Several people expressed interest in learning more about doing installations and the mechanics of installations.  Lanny Bergner, an Anacortes sculptor and artist, name came up as a possible source of information/inspiration.

Another idea was to have a meeting on photographing pots with a point and shoot camera.  I mean really basic stuff.  Chris Theiss volunteered to help us out.

Pat expressed interest in learning about setting a web site, domain names and web hosting. Dot5Hosting was mentioned (if you just google dot5 you will get a brake fluid so be sure to add Hosting).

Welcome to guest, Carole Tolchin, from Camano.  Looks like Carole will be joining CCA soon.

Well folks, that’s all I can decipher from my scribbles.  See you at NCECA.

Respectfully submitted, Gwen Shay, Loyal Scribe