2011_07 Minutes

CCA Meeting

    July 25, 2011

Anacortes High School

The July CCA meeting was held at the Anacortes High School following the 3 day workshop with Vince Pitelka. We were able to see the beautiful vessels made in the workshop. It was amazing to watch these pots evolve throughout the three days. I’m so glad this was a hands on workshop. I mean Vince’s hands on our pots to gently guide them to their final shapes. Vince was a Wikipedia of clay knowledge, especially the Nigerian method of coiling. You missed a great workshop if you were not there. A big THANK YOU to June Haddox and Candice Vitale for the many days of hard work. Greg will send a letter of thanks to the Anacortes High School allowing CCA to work with Candice in her classroom.

Guests: Phoenix Rising and Gabrielle Conatore. Because we were no longer wearing name tags we went around the room introducing ourselves. We then asked the guests to identify us all by name after we changed seats. Just kidding. Please welcome these potential members.

Anacortes Arts Festival: CCA has once again been asked to participate in the working artists area during the festival on Sat. and Sun. Aug. 6 and 7. Teri Silva did this in the past and we would like to continue this tradition. We will receive a $200 honorarium for participating in this event. As a non-profit organization it is our opportunity to share the clay experience with the public. Gwen passed around a sign up sheet but we still need people to work on Sat from noon -2:00 and 2:00 – 4:00 and on Sunday from 10-noon and noon -2:00. We especially need people to throw on the wheel during these times. Please contact Gwen ASAP to fill out the time slots.

Candice and crew will also be working in the Experience Art area with a Steamroller Printing Project. Come visit the Festival and check out these areas.

Committees: Ask not what you club can do for you but what you can do for your club. The CCA board met right before the meeting and it was decided that we will form committees to promote group participation and a chance to get to know each other better. This will enable to group to achieve a more equitable working environment instead of having 20% of people doing 80% of the work. So it was hereby decreed that all members, board members exempted unless they want to, be required to work on a committee. Interesting note: Of the 8 board members present, 8 signed up to work on a committee.

The committees: 1. Exhibitions: arranging opportunities for group exhibits and setting them up.

2. Workshops: finding presenters and make arrangements for workshop.

3. Monthly programs for CCA meetings either member or guests presentations.

Sign-up sheets were passed around. Since this is mandatory for all members, if you did not get a chance to pick your committee of choice, be prepared to be contacted by our newly appointed enforcement officer.

National Conference on Education for the Ceramic Arts: NCECA, Seattle, March 28-31, 2012. The theme for the conference is On the Edge. . Attendance and/or participation in this conference is a once in a lifetime opportunity. And it’s right in our back yard. The next conference is Houston in 2013. You must be a NCECA member to attend ($55) Admission to the conference will include all demos, exhibitions and workshops. CCA has the opportunity to have a show at Allied Arts in Bellingham and/or at the Shack Art Center in Everett during NCECA. Greg asked if there was interest in doing either or both shows submitting 3-5 for each. The group indicated interest in doing both. Work should be current or at least within the past 2 years. We should have work ready by February. If we are able to do the shows we will need to join Washington Clay Arts $25 membership fee and NCECA $55 for a standard membership. It was suggested we stick with the conference theme of On the Edge for our shows, perhaps with River or Water’s edge as our show themes. Submit your theme ideas to Marguerite Goff at teapots@dogday.net. Marquerite will make contact with Carie Collver, art director, arts council of Snohomish County, to make sure we can get in this show and be on the proposed NCECA bus tour during the conference. Marguerite and Greg will attend the Aug 8 meeting at Pottery Northwest to get more information.

New business: The Burn (raku) Party hosted by Roger Cocke and Rose Moore will be held Sept. 10. Mark your calendar. Details to follow.

MISC: Front Gallery would like to have us back. Pat Smith suggested a show before Christmas. Greg will check into the possibility.

Next Meeting: August 29 Pot Luck social at the home of Greg and Twila Tate. Look for details soon.

Meeting adjourned by President Greg Tate.

Respectfully submitted,

Gwen Shay, Loyal Scribe