2010 Minutes

2010_11 Minutes

Old Business

Theme for Depot show Auction: Edible

Vince Pitelka will do the workshop

Greg contacted Chris Theiss to give demo/CCA needs to coordinate a date for demo

Greg contacted Seattle Pottery regarding a guest speaker on kiln maintence but no one has yet to contact him back.

MONA was contacted and they declined to have CCA show work during NCAA

Snohomish Arts Council may (?) have CCA show during NCAA

New Business

Gail Pickens at Gallery by the Bay may give class on creating and maintaining a portfolio

Greg will bring to the CCA Board?

Margo Grothe wants CCA to create and donate bowls. This was tabled until next meeting.

Frank Betencort came to speak about Art in the Alley and the Front Street Gallery. Frank is a member of the Mount Vernon downtown organization and Washington States Main Street program.

Frank asked CCA group if they are interested in showing at the Front Street Gallery.

Perhaps two shows; would like first Thursday of the month.

Need to decide date/month for show (s).

Kathy Huckleberry has developed the CCA website. It can be found at www.cascadeclayartists.com


Gallery by the Bay in April 2011

Depot in Anacortes June 2011

Some concerns raised regarding the Depot show; traffic the first few days but nothing after for the remainder, not enough publicity.

Kathy H. would like a list of all the new officers.

Send Kathy H. photo’s of less than 100k jpeg/the site cannot support more than that; if you have questions regarding what you can send/size/please email Kathy H.

Possible workshops

Kathy H. will present “what is digital imaging”

Christmas party to be at the recreation center at Karen’s place in Bellingham.