CCA Communications Policy

Member Events will be published in email and on the CCA Web site.
  • All communications must be sent through the CCA secretary.

  • Members need to send in email notices of events to CCA for the coming month by the 20th of the prior month (i.e., by March 20 for any shows / events in April).


  • The notice must be for shows or events, not continuous showings / representation at galleries or other venues. The event must have a beginning and ending date to be published.

  • No photos will be published, however a link to another site can be included which will have more detail about the event.


  • If multiple artists from CCA  are included in the event, it is up to each artist to be sure they have notified the secretary of their participation - CCA will not research who is participating in each event.

    Call to Artists will be sent to the CCA membership as they are received by the secretary.

  • Call to Artists notices will be forwarded "as is" from the source.


  • Any questions regarding the call need to be directed to the call owner - not to CCA.


Member Links should be used to link to artist web pages

  • Listings of galleries or other venues where an artist shows continually should be on the artist's personal web page, not on the CCA  Member Events page.


Member Links will be removed by June of the new calendar year if the member has not renewed their membership dues.